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April 10, 1943

in Black Desert Boots Suede ASOS Bwq80Xz7

JAMA. 1943;121(15):1194-1199. doi:10.1001/jama.1943.02840150008003

This report is rather incomplete in its data and conclusions because the two years in which I have been collecting cases have not permitted the detailed anatomic and physiologic searchings that seem indicated. However, I feel that in these days of marching feet any research that will contribute to our knowledge of the circulation of the lower extremities is worth while. The basis of this study has been a comparison of the platelet counts on blood taken from the ear of patients with circulatory diseases of the legs with counts on blood taken immediately from the right and the left foot.

If the circulation of blood is sufficiently slowed or otherwise becomes incompetent in an extremity and thereby reduces the nutrition of an area to a point of tissue damage, certain phenomena will occur. These phenomena are dependent on failure of oxygen supply and failure of removal of carbon dioxide

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