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Metallic Fendi Wave Slides Metallic Slides Slides Slides Fendi Wave Metallic Wave Fendi Fendi Metallic Wave Platelet/Thrombocyte Counter – accurate & validated results 2018-02-09T12:40:30+00:00

Project Description

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Accurate & validated platelet counts in minutes

Slides Metallic Wave Slides Metallic Wave Slides Fendi Metallic Slides Fendi Metallic Wave Fendi Fendi Wave The platelet cell counter is able to accurately count platelet or thrombocytes concentrations in whole blood from very low levels (10 plts/nl) as well as in Platelet Rich Plasma up to 10x baseline. The automated platelet cell counter is an affordable Point of Care device which removes the need to count Thrombocytes (platelets) manually. It uses optical technology to accurately and quickly count the number of platelets per nanolitre of blood from a patient. The platelet counter is connected to a normal laptop where the platelet counter software application runs that controls the platelet counter and does all the image processing.

Key features

  • Point of Care device with new potential in the market.
  • Only small amounts of blood needed from a patient.
  • Accuracy comparable with the best flowcytometers available.
  • Validated by Maastricht University Hospital from extremely low till high platelet counts.
  • Whole procedure in 7-8 minutes, including blood preparation.

Purchase / distribution

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The PC100 platelet counter is brought to market by Dutch Medical Devices B.V. For more device information, distribution possibilities or device purchase go to


Maastricht University Medical Centre, 2M Engineering

More information

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