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Jacobs Marc Marc The Jacobs Tote Grind qf0REUxRw

OBO ID: ZFA:0009323
Just Dresses Cavalli Knee Black Length UqHxwUrgF
Peony Black Bernardo Rain Boots Velvet RpHvnO
Term Name: thrombocyte Search Ontology:
  • thrombocytes
Definition: A nucleated blood cell involved in coagulation, typically seen in birds and other non-mammalian vertebrates.
Appears at: Yuliya M Women Tree' Linen 'Eden Blue Magdych Flax Dress rwx0rCaOq
Evident until: Adult (90d-730d, breeding adult)
  • CL:0000762
  • TAO:0009323
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology
Jacobs Marc Marc The Jacobs Tote Grind qf0REUxRw
The Snapshot, the ultra-compact mini-bag from Marc Jacobs showed us he was the king of the tiny bag. Can he do the same with a larger model The Grind answers that question. An XL shopper in soft leather, it comes in a range of bright colours and its roomy interior means you can carry everything you need. The ideal handbag for a long day when you don't know where you might end up. Stylish and practical, what's not to adore